Door knockers

Caylus is full of beautiful old houses with grand door knockers, and it has been such a beautifully sunny day today I thought I would go out and draw as many as I could find.


For October and November 2017 I will be in Caylus for an artist residency with DrawInternational. I have been incredibly busy over the summer with various projects and my Master of Research final project so I am looking forward to drawing, relaxing, and producing some work which is solely for myself.

Pavilion: A Sketch

It is done! I recently installed my satirical pavilion in the National Trust’s Hanbury Hall, using the paintings by James Thornhill as a starting point. Thornhill had painted scenes from the life of Achilles on the walls and ceiling of the great hall, and had used contemporary celebrities for the faces of some of the…

Benches, a Love Seat and Railings

Due to be installed in Little Hollows, Chelmsford, at the end of April, I have made four benches, a love seat and some railings. Photos to follow, but this is a little sneak peek of the making process!


As with any craft, one of the best things about being a blacksmith is being able to pass on techniques and skills to new people. It is a wonderful feeling to see someone leave after a day of work with a set of tongs made with their own hands, especially if they have come in…

Potted Plants

Maybe it’s because it’s the end of the summer and I’m trying to hold on to the last of the sunshine, but I’ve been making a lot of plant based work. I will be scattering them around my flat to try to bring a sense of greenery and life to our autumnal flat.

About Buildings + Cities

About Buildings + Cities is a brilliant podcast by my brother and his friend about buildings, cities, books, architecture, dystopian futures and nonsense.  Listen here.