As with any craft, one of the best things about being a blacksmith is being able to pass on techniques and skills to new people. It is a wonderful feeling to see someone leave after a day of work with a set of tongs made with their own hands, especially if they have come in…

Potted Plants

Maybe it’s because it’s the end of the summer and I’m trying to hold on to the last of the sunshine, but I’ve been making a lot of plant based work. I will be scattering them around my flat to try to bring a sense of greenery and life to our autumnal flat.

About Buildings + Cities

About Buildings + Cities is a brilliant podcast by my brother and his friend about buildings, cities, books, architecture, dystopian futures and nonsense.  Listen here. 


As you head down Cathcart Road into town from my flat, you pass an amazing church by Alexander “Greek” Thomson, derelict and crumbing. Walking along Clyde Street along the banks of the river just past the Briggait you walk under the railway bridge and see two small plinths coming out of the wall with nothing on them….

Sense Space

As part of my Masters of Research at the Glasgow School of Art, I have been able to take an elective course called Sense Space. It was an incredibly interesting series of lectures and tasks to do with the way we sense spaces, from the obvious sight to the smell, sounds, tastes and feel of…

Wonky stool

After making some industrial style furniture with straight lines and perfect welding, I realised I missed making “drawn” work. This stool is the result of a playful experiment with steel tube and creating something which felt more like me. You can find it on my etsy page.

Side tables and shelf

I have recently made side tables and a plant shelf for a pop up shop in Glasgow. They can be found on my etsy page.